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Event / Wild Game Dinner Material Requests

We support Wild Game Dinners and other events (USA only at this time). In our experience once you conduct an event you may never see your participants again. SD is a way to continue their growth after events. We know this works because we receive emails from participants later telling us about their growth and that they found out about us originally at your events.

What we Provide

SD Cards are mailed to you free. Simply fill out the form below or you can print SD cards from our "Download" page.

SD Kits that contain the following. This kit is filled with items intended to be given away during your event

Because of the large number of requests, please order in advance of your event.

We make no moneys on event kits and only ask for the 39.50 to cover our material and shipping costs please.

For requesting prayer for your event please click on the prayer link below.

SD Event Kit

  • SD Cards for all your attendees (tell us how many)
  • SD 2' x 4' Hanging Banner (return when done)
  • 2 - SD Hat
  • 3 - SD Window Decals


Click here to donate $39.50



  • Please return SD banners so we can ship them to the next event and continue to keep our costs low.
  • We may ask you to mail the SD Banner directly to the next event waiting for one.
  • If you have a reoccurring event several times a year and will use the banner keep it.

Please contact us at least 4 weeks in advance for your needs so we can fill your requests promptly.

Requesting Prayer CLICK HERE


Event Request Form

Name of Responsible Person
Date & Name of event:*
Number of participants:*
Shipping Address:*
Tell us about your event?:


$39.50 SD Event Kit, add SD card numbers below:*
Please use the donation link on our "Above" to make this payment.
Reference the date and name of your Organization.

Free SD Cards Only #


Address: PO BOX 995, Humboldt, AZ 86329.



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