Daily study of God's Word for the Christian Sportsman Sample
Today's Photograph: Handmade muzzleloader...only one shot ...make it count. J.S.
Bible Study Verse Proverbs 7:1&5

1 My son, keep my word, and treasure my commands within you.

5 That they may keep you from the immoral woman, from the seductress who flatters with her words.

Thoughts If you are a hunter, think of the time and energy vested into the hunt for that one moment of truth when you are focused in on your quarry and it is time to make the shot. It all comes down to that moment. Have you prepared and stayed on track? Is your rifle sighted in? Are you breathing properly? Are you squeezing the trigger slowly? Such is our preparation in life for
Gods judgment. If we don't keep His commands and treasure them within us, we will be accountable for a missed shot.

Action Point With all of life’s temptations and things that can lead us astray, we must focus on Gods truth. If you can't maintain accountability, get involved with some other Christian men and help keep each other accountable each week.

Sportsman Tip of the Day
Remember to clean your rifle or shotgun as soon as you return home. It's easier to do it immediately and you won't forget, to find it rusted 6 months later.


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