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Spreading the Sportsmen's Devotional News
Unique ways of spreading and advertising the SD Ministry

Our Subscribers from all over the world have emailed us and told of various ways that they let others in their area know that this ministry exists. Below are a few unique and clever ways to spread the news about this ministry.
If you have tried something else that works please let us know.

  • I print out cards from your website and leave them at gas station pumps everywhere I go.

  • Leaving cards at truck stops and their bulletin boards.

  • Leaving cards at truck stop chapels.

  • Pinning up cards and brochure at sporting good stores.

  • Emailing and forwarding the SD link to friends and family.

  • Leave a tip at a restaurant I also leave a card

  • In the field meeting new hunters and fisherman and talking to them about this ministry and giving out cards.

  • While on a RV vacation to AK we planned ahead and left cards all along our trip at places of business and campgrounds.

  • Posting cards in campgrounds and giving to camp hosts.

  • We post the Sportsmen's Devotional on our outdoor chat room! Lots of people visit it each day!

  • Printing out the daily devotional and taking to work and posting it on our bulletin board with cards. It works!!

  • Printing out the devotional and taking to our church and posting it on our information board.

  • I print out each day's devotional at home and bring it to my workplace and put it on my desktop. Employees come by every day to read it! These are non Christian people.

  • I have printed out your brochure from your website and put them up in the business's I go to allot and other places. Thank you for your ministry.

  • We have left cards at our local Christian bookstore with their permission.

  • Putting up a SD brochure at our church.

  • Putting the SD information in our church bulletin so our members can use it. We never realized we had so many sportsmen in our church.

  • Advising our members of our church about your ministry.

  • Posting a link to Sportsmen's Devotional - on our church website.

  • Telling our men's groups about your ministry and giving them cards we print from your website.

  • When I speak to sportsman's dinners I tell them about your ministry and that they should sign up. I will be printing cards from your website and provide them at all the tables in the future.

  • I leave your cards everywhere I go!! Thank you guys for your wonderful ministry!

  • I have emailed your ministry link to a whole slew of people!

  • When traveling abroad I print out Sportsmen's Devotional business cards and leave them in strategic locations and give them out.

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"Spreading the good news to sportsmen wherever we go."



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